05 16 2012

FILMMINI is born. Filmmaster Production's new unit with a more agile and flexible production model.

Filmmaster Productions has implemented the second phase of it’s rebranding’s process,

by giving name to the unit which for a long time has been managing projects with a more agile production model, and decides to institutionalize its processes.

Filmmaster announces the birth of Filmmini, the division of the production company offering a flexible, agile and cross-media model. It’s a model that has been embraced by the production company already for some time. As early as in the 90s Filmmaster experimented new production processes and new languages, but today, on the occasion of the rebranding process of the entire group, it decides to institutionalize an independent unit.

Filmmini becomes an independent entity inside the structure, which on some projects will be able to give custom made solutions, studied and realized according to the demands of every single project and client, in any kind of industry. The advantages that will distinguish the unit on the market will be the optimization and the efficient use of the resources and the possibility to make use of Filmmaster Production’s thirty years of experience.

This is a model that for years has characterized some of Filmmaster Productions’ projects such as the virals that have been produced for Lovable, Simmenthal, Coloreria and Chicco; the interactive project half way between a spot and a performance for Nokia N81; the short films Chimères Absentes, the Anna Fendi self-portrait, the promo video produced for RAI, the web videos for Carrera, Gucci, Pirelli, Converse and the production of the multimedia contents for the new Alitalia flagship store located at Piazza di Spagna in Rome.

However, Filmmini also reflects an experimental soul, “hungry” for new languages and new talents, proving the outstanding creativity and attention to innovation that has always characterized Filmmaster Productions. Filmmini represents the evolution of an advertising language of which Filmmaster Productions has always been a protagonist, oriented from its birth towards research and new languages, talents and directors.

The unit will be coordinated by Maura Beretta and Mattia Longhi, the young generation of Filmmaster Productions, who have already worked for the production company for a long time.


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