11 6 2015

Filmmaster Productions produced "Deejay One Love", the new spot of Radio Deejay

Milan, 8th november 2015: Radio deejay is on air for two weeks with its new film produced by Filmmaster Productions and directed by Federico Brugia,one of the most famous advertising directors who now works with an exclusive partnership with the production house. The creative agency StudioMarani, which has been working with Radio DEEJAY for several years now, promoted and coordinated the activities of User Farm, a hub for sharing creativity and one of the most cutting edge platforms in the market of crowdsourcing. Userfarm collected creativity and video contents involving more than 100,000 people around the world, while Filmmasters and copyrighters joined the Contest to find the right creative idea of less than 500 characters.

"Radio Deejay is with you everyday. How would you depict it today? Unleash your imagination!"

This was the call to action joined by almost 200 creatives. A quality jury, lead by Linus and studioMarani, chose the idea that best reflected Radio Deejay souland the direction it is currently following. The final script was then shaped on that original idea, as the result of the collaboration between Filmmaster Production, with the direction of Federico Brugia, and studioMarani with the direction of Maurizio Marani and Anna Scardovelli.

Lorenzo Cefis, Filmmaster Productions' ad, stated: "This operation reflects the essence of the future of communication, a pure 2.0 style, starting with the selection of an insight from the crowd and then merging it with the high professionalism and excellent skills of a long-standing production house such as Filmmaster Productions. This is how a grassroots project acquires the necessary high quality to represent one of Italy’s most important brands".

The film is set in 2000. The protagonists are a boy and a girl aged 15 who fall in love. We follow them through each step of their growth, from adolescence until adulthood, until 2015.

We see their natural maturation, their "first times": first kiss, first time camping, university, we see them running together in the park and finally their first home, their first car, and their first pregnancy. They are never alone during this evolution: RADIO DEEJAY is with them wherever they go, an evanescent but steady presence. Some deejays physically appear on the screen, entering the scenes in a discrete and surreal way. In some cases the radio logo and the stars’ faces appear on several objects: diaries, cups, calendars, or even perfumes, a biscuit pack, a Christmas tree decoration or the page of a newspaper.

The two of them grow together until their first child is born. When the little girl is one years old we are all curious about her first word: will it be mommy? Will it be daddy? And it comes as a surprise when the girl says: ONE NESCION, ONE STESCION.

After this, the film ends with the radio motto: Radio DEEJAY. ONE LOVE.

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