07 10 2017


Filmmaster Productions produced the European Social Charter film to promote Human Rights.

The movie directed by award-winning director Federico Brugia and created by DLV BBDO creative director Stefania Siani, is really touching and has great emotional impact. It tells in a simple way what are fundamental rights of every European citizen. In a moment when Rights are in danger, the European Social Charter addresses us towards a world in which our everyday needs are protected and satisfied – a roof over one’s head, clean water, healthcare needs, food, health and education. The Charter wants to assure dignity, bring social cohesion and help wellness of civil society, aiming at economic growth and peace.

A film intended to give hope with a focus on essential values of the human being such as wellness, participation, inclusion, freedom and peace of mind – values that the Charter is engaged to assure.

An emotional script where a narrating voice reminds us the assets on which the Charter is based: “I am the voice that reminds you your rights”. The voice is accompanied by a tracking shot portraying faces of men, women and children of different ethnic groups and ages in their everyday life. What we take for granted is often a denied right for many people. This movie wants exactly to remind us that the Council of Europe has written the Charter as a fundamental treaty to protect those rights and improve everyday life quality.

Director Federico Brugia said: “A project in which I have been involved in a particular way. In my job it does not happen very often to deal with such heart-felt themes. It is a touching job in which I tried, with delicacy and spontaneity, to give a hopeful perspective through a positive message of everyday images. The result moves me, and it does not happen very often.”

Lorenzo Cefis, Filmmaster Productions CEO said: “We are especially proud and moved to talk about this wonderful and very important project – a work in which we really believe and with which we really identify. In this historic moment it is really worth reminding everyone what the Charter of Human Rights establishes. So, we are very proud that we have been awarded a European call whose brief has such a challenging theme. And we are proud, first of all, as European citizens. I want to express sincere thanks to Federico Brugia who has directed this movie in a skillful and touching way, translating a simple, profound, emotional and direct text in powerful and intense images. To complete his idea we decided to use Userfarm and its crowd sourcing video platform for the shooting of some scenes in different European locations. That’s how Federico has been able to easily handle footage even working remotely. A winning mix with an absolutely extraordinary result. We thank so much the Council of Europe to have given us the opportunity to be part of this project. We are really happy to have given our concrete contribution to raise awareness on such an important theme involving more and more all of us.”


Executive Producer: Lorenzo Cefis

Producer: Guglielmo Fava

Team Filmmini
Direttore Produzione: Mattia Longhi
Post Produzione: Top Digital
Editor: Cecilia Falsone
DOP: Davide Crippa

Userfarm Head of Production: Giuseppe Menna

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