09 5 2017


picture: Ben Callner

The filmmaster productions' roster of international filmmakers is enriched with three new talents: the Argentine Luciano Podcaminsky, the American Ben Callner and Irina Dakeva from Paris. The production company is therefore strengthened in the comedy and visual genres.

Luciano Podcaminsky, among the most awarded Argentine filmmakers, is a staple of the South American comedy. He began his career at some Buenos Aires advertising agencies as a copywriter, and then headed for directorship with a great success. He has directed memorable campaigns for prestigious brands including Sprite, Nike and Volkswagen.

Ben Callner, with whom Filmmaster Productions has just shoited the new and ironic commercial Buondì Motta, was born in Atlanta 32 years ago. The director has achieved fame thanks mainly to the famous Doritos comercial projected at the Super Bowl and has quickly become one of the most beloved of all time. His ironic and irreverent style distinguishes his films, some of which are at the limit of the surreal. His overwhelming comedy also conquered Italy.

Irina Dakeva, was born in Bulgaria but moved to Paris from a young age. She started collaborating with several production companies as free lance and worked in the world of illustration and animation. These two last experiences have allowed her to refine fresh, contemporary and elegant art direction, with an superlative taste in composing the image.

The Filmmaster Productions roster is thus strengthened in the comedy world with two very different directors: the South American and Anglo-Saxon surrealism, and it is also enriched with a talented that blends perfectly with the increasingly growing demands coming from the world of glamor.

Lorenzo Cefis, CEO of Filmmaster Productions, said, "We are delighted to announce the arrival of three talents so different for origin and style that once again demonstrate the appeal of the Filmmaster brand and the precious R & D departmental research work.

The comedy genre is today among the most sought-after and requested by the agencies and today, with the arrival of Luciano and Ben, we are able to complete an offer that consists of three indisputable talents capable of covering the nuances of gender. Irina Dakeva, with whom we have just worked, is a director who is astonished for elegance and freshness, as well as being a wonderful person to work with, for education, spirit and dedication. "















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