12 10 2015

Filmmapp, the first Italian App created by a production company


The first application in the industry of advertising production and media contents confirms Filmmaster Production’s unceasing quest to interpret new communication languages and innovation. Filmmaster Productions announces the creation of FilmmApp, the first Italian app created by a Production house, available for Android and iOS. Filmmapp is a free app whose aim is to change how to communicate and share information with clients, users, video makers and how to find new talents in the audio video industry. Thanks to FilmApp it's possible to interact with Filmmaster Production in an innovative, simple and fast way, using one's own devices. The application is designed for the industry specialist and for whoever wants to approach the advertising production world. 

The interface is clean and intuitive, and it is composed of three main parts: VIDEO CONTEST, SELF CASTING and LATEST WORKS. Then there is a fourth part for clients only.

The first part, VIDEO CONTEST, is the area on which Filmmaster is willing to invest more. Thanks to this part, new talents can interact with the production company and it will be possible for them to become one of the new communication professionals. Filmmaster Productions has always been interested in new ways of audio-video communication and is always looking for the talents. Directors and video makers can join the contests proposed every three months on our app. Winners will get a special showcase on Filmmaster website dedicated to the promotion of their own projects and will have the opportunity to work with the production  house.

The second part is dedicated to SELF CASTING. Anyone can create his/her own profile with pictures and videos and be chosen by the casting directors to be the protagonist of Filmmaster next film.

The third area is LATEST WORKS: In this section users will be able to watch Filmmaster's latest works to be up to date on all the news of our production company.The RESERVED AREA will allow clients and agencies to watch some special contents chosen especially for them. It will be possible to access the reel of directors for specific projects thanks to a username and a password.

THE FIRST VIDEO CONTEST "from still image to moving image"

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